OUR SIMPLE MISSION: To provide children a safe place to access news and current events video and other useful information in a fun manner without the clutter of banner ads, commercials or other distractions. We have done so since July of 2011 when we were unable to find a commercial free news related website for our own children. Simply put, we offer a safe place for parents to visit with their children to watch the news. Our news anchors are called the NewsToons. Thanks to your support over the years, we are now a full service 3D animation and videography primarily for kids and families company located in Newton, MA. We offer a popular online 3D animation service called NewsToons(TM) and a traditional 3D animation service called Newton Animations and Video. This website is commercial free (except for what we just said) and has been so since founded. We can be reached at 781-708-1255. Other contact information can be found in "Contact Us."


Children’s News Network is designed for kids aged 8 and older to learn more about the world outside their hometown or city. Our content generally includes the most visible, or talked about, news and current events of the day so kids feel informed and comfortable when the news and current events come up in everyday conversation. Our content is always written in plain, simple English. We try our best not to take positions on any matter or story (though our readers sometimes do). Simply stated, Children’s News Network is a 21st century online news publication for kids.


We encourage you to visit our site about once every week. If you are a parent, this website can be an incredibly powerful tool for you to connect with your children. Invest a few minutes once a week with your kids on our website and you will see a side of them you did not know existed. We provide Associated Press video on a variety of topics. Find a topic you find interesting...watch it with your kids...then explain to them why it is important. Our website furthers kid’s natural curiosity to want to learn about the world around them.


Children’s News Network offices are located at 31 Thorpe Road in Needham, Massachusetts. Richard Shaw, a parent of three, is the President of Children’s News Network. Richard is a certified public accountant in Massachusetts and holds a bachelors of science in accounting from Babson College and a master’s degree in taxation from Bentley University’s McCallum Graduate School of Business.


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