We also want to thank the young people who provide some of the NewsToons voices.

Henry, now 12, is already a legend at Children's News Network. Henry delivers many of our newscasts and stays smart by reading for 30 minutes a day. Henry loves math and hopes to be a corporate controller someday, which means he wants to run an accounting department.

Morgan is one co-anchor of Teenagers' News Network. She is almost 16 years old and attends high school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Mark (and a new picture is coming) is the other co-anchor. Mark is 17 years old and also attends high school just outside of Boston, MA.

Picture Coming Soon

Melissa, now 11, has been with Children's News Network since the very beginning. Melissa loves to read books and play basketball. Melissa hopes to become the first female President of the United States. However, she thinks someone will do so before she's old enough.

Erica, 14 years old, is a co-founder of Children's News Network and was responsible for many early broadcasts from the summer of 2012. Erica attends junior high school and loves drama and acting related activities.

Caroline, now 13 years old, just started junior high school outside Boston, MA. Caroline is very active is sports, especially soccer. Caroline and Erica support the anchors and cover news and current events in the field.

Antonio was the very first NewsToon at Children's NewsNetwork. He lives in Rhode Island and generally reports on what is going on in government. Antonio hopes one day to work in health economics. He will explain what that means on an upcoming episode.

Tricia is now 12 and likes to follow what is going in the world of business. Most of the stories in our business section come from Tricia. Tricia loves social studies and enjoys taking about the history of business in the US, especially a famous & important place called Wall Street.


Everybody loves Stan because he is always so polite and friendly. Stan is 12 years old and lives in Chicago, Illinois. Stan likes anything technology related whether it's a computer, a laser beam or the products used to produce our videos.

Amanda is a recent addition to the NewsToons from Children's News Network. Amanda loves to write stories about the news and current events. She reads the newspaper every Sunday with one of her parents. Her parents encourage her to learn about the world.

Michael is another recent addition to the team of NewsToons at Children's News Network. Michael loves to read books out loud to his family on weekends. His family thinks it is a great way for them to spend time together.

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